Zodiac Girls is the first single released by Black Moth Super Rainbow. It also marks the first time that the band had released anything outside of the Graveface Records label.
Bmsr zodiac front

"Zodiac Girls" cover art.

Bmsr zodiac back

"Zodiac Girls" back cover.

Bmsr zodiac vinyl 1

"Zodiac Girls" side A vinyl.

Bmsr zodiac vinyl 2

"Zodiac Girls" side B vinyl.


The Zodiac Girls 7" was released on May 6th, 2008 on Suicide Squeeze Records. Catalog number: S072. Pressed on a clear vinyl, only 2,000 were made, with the first 200 being hand-numbered by Tobacco himself.


Side A

  1. Zodiac Girls (3:24)

Side B

  1. The Fields Are Breathing (Tobacco's Wispy Version) (3:29)


  • "Zodiac Girls" later appeared on the album Drippers. The song being labeled the "Pony Version of the 7"."