Tom Fec
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(born Thomas James Fec) is the vocalist and frontman of Black Moth Super Rainbow. Not much is publicly known about

Tobacco, other than he was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and that he graduated from Hampton High School in 1998 along with fellow bandmate Father Hummingbird. It is said that his name derived from "a character that freaked me out as a kid, the Tobacco Man", possibly referring to the character from the film Redneck Zombies.

Several of Tobacco’s songs are featured in the HBO series Silicon Valley, including "Stretch Your Face", which serves as the show's theme song.

Tobacco in 2016

Tobacco in 2016

in 2017, Tobacco toured with Nine Inch Nails and opened for them on their September US tour

[1] Under his solo music project, he has released 4 studio albums and an EP.

Tobacco is known to be an avid Butthole Surfers fan, has a love of mini-golf (i.e. his mini-golf league Awesome Balls), and used to participate in BMX when he was younger. According to an old "Ask Tobacco" thread in the band's old message board, he broke his arm riding his bike, and during his recovery he became interested in making music.

He is also known to not enjoy most psychedelic rock or psychedelic music in general.

Tobacco DiscographyEdit


EPs and Singles

  • LA UTI (LP) [2010]
  • Mystic Thickness (EP) [2010]


  • Exorcise Tape (Esorcizzare Nastro) (Rad Cult, 2013) (with Zackey Force Funk as Demon Queen)
  • Malibu Ken (Rhymesayers Entertainment, 2019) (with Aesop Rock as Malibu Ken)




  • AIR - Sing Sang Sung
  • HEALTH - Die Slow
  • BLACK KEYS - I Got Mine
  • SOLE & THE SKYRIDER BAND - Battlefields
  • GHENGIS TRON - Relief
  • SUBTLE - Gonebones
  • HEIGHT - Baltimore Highlands
  • ALIAS & WHY? - Well Water Black
  • RESTIFORM BODIES - Panic Shopper
  • LAURA BURHENN - Just For The Night
  • DOROSOTO - Emerald Building
  • HOLY FUCK - The Pulse
  • SHUGO TOKUMARU - Hidamari


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