Fucked Up Friends 2 is the sequel DVD to Fucked Up Friends, available only on the 2010 Maniac Meat tour. It is claimed to be "The first ever LO RESOLUTION, LO-FI Blue-ray video." It came packaged with a regular DVD and blu-ray version of the movie, along with a "microwaved" version of the first Fucked Up Friends. It was released on the Rad Cult label, as racu03.
Fuf2 cover

Fucked Up Friends 2 cover.

Video ContentEdit

Some of the footage and material in the movie was first screened during Tobacco's 2009 tour, as well as the 2010 Maniac Meat tour. The footage is believed to have been collected by Tobacco himself, Beta Carnage (from the first Fucked Up Friends movie), Warren Kroll (also known as Dorosoto), and Steve Lutes (also known as Mall Security). According to the back cover; "These discs have no menus, and are intended to play like VHS tapes."

The back cover also credits the following films; Magic Eye Stereograms, Ultimate Warrior, and the Bubblegum Girls. And the following characters/actors; Zeke the Plumber, Phil Collins, and Frank.

Fucked Up Friends 2 Soundtrack: RemasteredEdit

On March 18th, 2010, the user akt6168 released a 'remastered' audio rip of the DVD. Originally one long-playing audio file, it was separated into parts, and equalized, along with being tagged with speculative track titles, to better suit the casual listener. Unnecessary parts were altered/removed, such as the audio from the 3D eye test scene, and the VHS static at the end of the movie. The link to the download is still active, and is available upon request.

There has been no official released statement as to the validity of an official tracklisting, but many forum members worked to match the track times up. Below is the speculated tracklisting:

  1. Rad Cult Logo - Intro
  2. Nuclear Waste Aerobics 2
  3. Fresh Hex
  4. Mexican Icecream
  5. Dead Fun
  6. Street Trash
  7. Melted Hitchhiker
  8. Stretch Your Face
  9. Orgy Drills
  10. Overheater
  11. Creepy Phone Calls
  12. Super Gum
  13. Backwoods Altar
  14. Voice Yr Choice (Instrumental)


Clips from many various b-side movies make up a lot of the visual content.

  • The opening to the movie "Don't Go Into The House" is played during "Mexican Icecream."
  • The back cover gives credit to "Zeke the Plumber," and during the movie, a creepy man with a leathery mask and a plunger is seen. The video is taken from the show, "Salute Your Shorts" in which Zeke the Plumber makes an appearance.
  • The back cover gives credit to Geroge's Video, Canfield, OH.