Bmsr ea08 front

"Electric Avenue: Chapter 8" cover

Bmsr ea08 inside

"Electric Avenue: Chapter 8" liner

Bmsr ea08 disc

"Electric Avenue: Chapter 8" disc

Electric Avenue: Chapter 8 was released as part of Duotone Records' (Japan) Electric Avenue series.


Electric Avenue: Chapter 8 was released in October of 2003 as a 3" CD-r (catalog number ea08) in Duotone's Electric Avenue series. Packaged in a mini jewel case, it is unkown how many units were produced.


  1. Yourteethandface(marchingalong) (1:35)
  2. The Primary Color Movement (2:21)
  3. Aloysius Version Opposide B (3:37)
  4. Hazy Morning Organ (Live) (2:36)
  5. Things From the See (2:06)
  6. The Children's Television Workshop (0:57)
  7. Sadness in Her Hair (2:03)
  8. Snail Garden (2:11)
  9. Understanding Love Through A Singing Forest (0:36)

Trivia / Misc.Edit

  • On the Black Moth Super Rainbow discography page around late 2003, there is stated to be a domestic release of Electric Avenue: Chapter 8 planned for the summer of 2004.[1] This domestic release never happened.
  • Duotone may have produced more copies of Electric Avenue: Chapter 8 around mid-2009. Some fans were able to purchase, directly from Duotone, a copy of the CD-r housed in a folded cardboard sleeve displaying the artwork.


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